Since 1998, The Auction Guy has been providing the best at Fundraising Auctions, Liquidation Auctions and Restaurant Auctions. Today we provide services at over 200 auction events annually. With that kind of record, you know that we must be doing something right!

Fundraising Auctions: When businesses hire new employees, they will generally seek out the best, most experienced individuals to fill the position. Why wouldn’t you want the same for your Fundraising Auction? Since 1998, The Auction Guy has been a part of over 4200 auctions and fundraising events! Learn more.

Liquidation Auctions: The Auction Guy, Liquidation Auctions provide for the orderly and efficient sale of assets from business closures, unclaimed freight, estate downsizing, bankruptcy and more. Whether faced with a large liquidation of assets or a smaller number of items, we have a variety of services available. Learn more.

Restaurant Auctions: For 24 years The Auction Guy has been providing trusted, reliable Restaurant Auction and Liquidation Services throughout South Central Ontario and the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area. Learn more.

Do you want to raise more money at your next fundraising auction? Contact The Auction Guy today and let’s start the bidding!