Liquidation Auctions are a great option in situations of business closures, excess inventory, unclaimed freight, estate downsizing and more.

The Auction Guy, Liquidation Auctions and Liquidation Services provide for the efficient and orderly sale of all business and personal assets. Whether you are faced with a large liquidation or just want to sell a few items, we have the right service for you.

Online Auctions

  • Today all of our Liquidation Auctions are held strictly online using The Auction Guy’s digital online auction platform. Backed by 24 years of auction experience, we connect buyers and sellers throughout the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Orderly Liquidations

  • Where time and circumstances permit, The Auction Guy can also provide for the sale of your assets through Orderly Liquidation.  Here goods are made available for direct purchase on a negotiated basis over an extended period of time. This method of sale is suitable for all business and personal assets.

Private Treaty Sales

  • This type of sale is best suited when specialized assets are involved and require a specific target market. The Auction Guy serves as a broker on behalf of the seller and handles all negotiations with the buyer, based upon the terms and conditions as provided.

Do you have items to sell at our Liquidation Auctions? Call The Auction Guy and let’s start the bidding!